Friday, February 1, 2008

People should know befoer coming to the Korea.

In around world, There are many culture and many different culture. We need know about own culture but we should understand other culture because we live in global village. They are should know before coming to korea in business. There are three point using title, greeting, and manner of clothing.

First, greetings are important in Korea. Actually we do not hug. We just shake hands. Because Koreans think that hugging is an situation of affection. Hugging is a not nomal greeting. If you go to Korea, don't hug an other person.

Second, using titles is important, too. For example we don't call people by their name only. It is Korean manner also similar to the U.S. Koreans have been using Mr. or Mrs. W hen you have the first meeting you don't call people name only. you use "[c]" that it is follow after name. If you called just name, it will seen rude. Don call somebody name only in Korea.

Finally, manner of clothing is a very important thing. When you have important meeting, you have dress up. If you go church, you not wear a hat. Because it is bad manners and if you wear hat to important meeting, you will be considered rude. You should not wear a hat to important meetings in Korea.

Conclusion, today they are live in global village. You should know base manner in around world. It is important in business or our life. and you have to avoid impolite behavior. When you going to other country, you should remember their basic culture.
And you should remember base three manner before coming to the in Korea.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


The last week, something terribled happen. I didn't have slept for three days.
Because my neighborhood is very strange person. In the dawn, I heard big shout, and heard strange sound. I am live in a second floor and he live in a first floor but when he became crazy, he usually hit the my floor.
If he doing that I was very nervous and I couden't relax, he didn't stop until morning.
His behavior continuing the next day. Also he played drums and the piano. I hate my neighbor, but now he quit his strange behavior and I can be a little bit relax. I hope he will stop forever and he doesn't make that again.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Do you want companionship?
Do you want a true friend?

Oh, don't be shy.
Anytime, I'm waiting for you. ^^*